Pre-Show Seminar with Robert Stadtlander

March 1st, 2nd, and 3rd 2023

Robert , a resident of Mantua, onto, has been carving since 1990. He specializes in relief carving. Robert began showing his work in 1992. He has numerous awards, exhibits widely in the northeast and midwest.

Robert has taught workshops since 1994. Quote from Robert Stadtlander “I do not like to confine myself, as there are endless possibilities. With woodcarving, you see things that you never thought could be done.”

He can help us see how to carve a Relief and teach us techniques , as well, to ” see things that we never thought could be done”!

Cost is $150.00 for 3 days plus cost of wood rough out. YOU won’t want to miss out. It will be a great time !

Contact Teresa Bàlsbàugh for more info

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