Application for 2022 Miami Valley Woodcarvers Show




No.of Display/Sale Tables @ $30.00______ Total: $__________

No.of Commercial Tables @50.00_______ Total: $__________

BANQUET RESERVATIONS @ $20.00 per person___Total: $_________


Do you need electricity? YES_______/ NO_______

Type of Carvings__________________________________

Exhibitor agrees to hold harmless Christ United Methodist Church and Miami Valley Woodcarvers Assn. from and against any and all claims for personal injuries, death, damages, losses and cost and any other expenses in any way connected with the use of Christ united Methodist Church

Thank you for your help with donations for the shows in the past! We are very thankful to those who have always given generously. We are asking again as a requirement for attending this years banquet that you would again provide a donation. I hope the time of fellowship and sharing will still compel you to participate in this time honored tradition through our show

Signature:______________________________________ Print Names for Name Tags: Send Form to: Teresa Balsbaugh 221 Vanderveer St. Middletown, Ohio 45044