Annual Show

Miami Valley Woodcarvers Assn.

There is a 2022 Show!

We welcome you!

Meet  New Friends!  *Learn from top Instructors

*See and Buy from some of the Top Woodcarvers in the country

  • Free Carving Demonstrations
  • Demonstrations for non-carvers
  • Hourly Door Prizes
  • Wood Vendors, Carving tool Vendors

 Location: Christ United Methodist Church

700 Marshall Rd., Middletown, Ohio 45044

 Admission Cost $6.00 Each Person 

Scouts Free with an accompanying Responsible Adult

Children Under 12, Free.


Annual Show Information

1. Space will have one 8′ table and two chairs

2. Table must be covered to floor front and sides. NO Bed Sheets, tarps, plastic, or paper covers.

3. Exhibitors furnish own lights and extension cords.  All cords must be held down to floor  with graphers tape. NO Duct Tape

4. No more than 2 exhibitors to a table or space. 

5. Items for sale must be mostly carved but may also have other techniques with the carving. All items displayed must be the work of the exhibitor. Exception: Commercial displays

7.No setups after 9:30 AM Saturday March 6th and No tear down before 5PM Sunday 7th

8. No Alcoholic beverages, smoking or pets at any time.

9. Carving is encouraged during the show. all wood chips must be kept behind the tables.  Because floor is carpeted, please put something down to catch the chips.

10. Ribbons from other shows prior to MVWA shows will not be displayed.

11. The Banquet is catered by those of  Christ United Methodist Church. Security is provided during Banquet

        Exibitor agrees to hold harmless Christ United Methodist Church and Miami Valley woodcarvers Assn.

in anyway connected with the use of Christ United Methodist Church. 

from and against any and all claims for personal injuries, death, damages, loses and cost and any other expenses

Competition Categories and Description

  • A Human Realistic- Exact proportion carved in an accurate representation of subject  
  • 100. Complete figure Under 15 inches
  • 101. Complete figure over 15 inches
  • 102. Human Bust        
  • B. Animal Realistic-An Accurate representation carved in the round
  • 103 full animal figure
  • 104 animal head and bust
  • 105 Animal Group-two or more figures
  • C. Bird Realistic-an accurate representation carved in the round
  • 106 Song Bird
  • 107 Water fowl, Shore Bird, Marsh Bird
  • 108 Wildfowl, Hawk, Kestrel, Owl
  • 109 Other Birds
  • D. Aquatic Realistic- An Accurate representation carved of Subject
  • 110. Fish
  • 111. Turtles
  • 112 Frogs
  • 113 Other Aquatic Creatures
  • 114 Group
  • E. Chip Carving- Flat work or in the round made with precise cuts
  • 115 Flat work (plates, Plaques, signs, frames, etc…)
  • 116 Other (Boxes, Chests, Bowls, Furniture, Ci[s etc…)
  • F. Caricatures- Distortion or exaggeration of the distinguishing features
  • 117 Human Figure
  • 118 Animal Figure
  • 119 Group
  • G. Mythical, / Santa- Legendary Characteristic of myths or folk tales
  • 120 Santa’s
  • 121 Wizard, Fariy, Elves, Trolls, Dragon, Unicorns, Etc..
  • 122 Group
  • H. Relief Carving- Shallow & Deep cuts in a flat panel of wood.
  • 123 Scene
  • 124 Portrats
  • 125 Human Figures
  • 126 Animal Figures
  • 127 Geometrical Design-Signs, Crest, Emblems
  • I. Miniatures / Whittling-
  • 128 Miniatures fit in a 2″x2″inch box
  • 129 Whittling-Carved out of one piece of wood 3″x 6″ , carved only by a knife ( painted or natural)
  • J. Ornamental- Serving as an ornament or decorative
  • 130 Jewelry , Frames, Gunstocks, Musical Instruments, etc…
  • K. Stylized / Abstract – Simplified visual form that emphasizes particular or design qualities
  • 131 Stylized- natural wood
  • 132 Stylized painted
  • 133 Abstract- apart from readily identifiable objects
  • L. Open- Carving that does not fit into any other category
  • 134 Bark / Found Wood
  • 135 Cypress Knees
  • 136 Other
  • M. Novice- A carver that has never won a ribbon in any Competition ( not including Club competition or youth competition)
  • 137 Any finish
  • 138 Painted
  • N. Wood Burning- Process of burning a design into wood
  • 139 Portrait(s) People
  • 140 Portrait(s) Animal
  • 141 Other
  • O. Instructor Assisted Carving- Someone who is assisted or has been given aid and support in a Class or a roughout
  • 142 Class or instructional setting
  • 143 Roughout
  • P. Religious – Artistic imagery to inspire
  • 144 Cross
  • 145 Religious Figure
  • Q. Canes / Walking Sticks- carved in original design
  • 146 size to come up to hip for assistance
  • 147 Size for hiking , or above shoulder
  • R. Youth (Ribbon only) Class for all Carvers under 18 years of age
  • Special Awards Given;
  • Best Table-given by MVWC Competition committee
  • Bill Anthony Award- given by Pat Anthony
  • Hershel Borders Award- given by Animus Donors
  • Lowell Dunn Award- Given to a special youth Carver




2021 General Rules for Competition

  • Only registered exhibitors or vendors as individuals may enter into competition-(Club tables included-Youth Excluded)
  • This is a TWO day show. NO Registered Exhibitor may leave after one day. ( This includes Club tables that Person or persons show in Competition)
  • Set up times are Friday evening 4:30-8:PM – Sat. Morning 8:AM-9:30AM
  • No set up after 9:30AM Saturday
  • All entries must have been finished within the last two years.
  • Maximum of two pieces may be entered in any given category
  • Pieces will be judged on Originality, Design, Skilled Execution, and Final Presentation.
  • Judges have the right to move any Carving as see’s fit to another category before judging.
  • Competition Judges are ineligible for competition, and their decisions are final. They are not obligated to award any ribbons in any Category
  • First place Category winners will be considered for ” Best of Show ” Placements. The First and Second Best of Show Winners will be Judges for the 2022 Show .
  • Competition will be taken in at 5:30-8:30PM (No Competition take in on Saturday Morning!)
  • Entry Fee for each Piece is $3.00 ( no charge for youth or MVWA club)

2021 Show Application

March 6th and 7th Christ United Methodist Church 700 Marshall Rd. Middletown, Ohio 45044

Set Up Times :Friday March 5th 2021 4:30PM-8:00PM
Competition Entries 5:30-8:PM ( NO Entries excepted on Sat.

You Must be Registered with a table to Enter Competition (including Club tables, Excluding Youth)

This is a TWO day show NO Exhibitors may leave after one day if you have registered as an Exhibitor -INCLUDING Club tables that have entered items into competition

Registered Exhibitor’s Name (PRINT)______________________


  • Signature implies that you have read and accepted all rules for this show



E-Mail Address (print Clearly)__________________________

Exhibitor Tables $ 35_________ Total: $______

Commercial Tables $50________ Total: $______

Banquet Reservations $ 20______ Total: $______

  • Additional Registered Exhibitor (PRINT)___________________
  • Signature of Additional Registered Exhibitor______________________________________
  • Signature implies that you have read and accepted all Rules for this Show




Do you need Electricity? YES_____ NO______

Thank you for your faithful support in banquet donations each year . We are asking for Donations again this year’s well. If you are attending this years banquet Please consider that if you would like to receive a gift that you give one. I hope the time of fellowship and sharing will compel you to participate in this time honored, tradition through our show!Thank you!

Name Tags for Show:________________________________

Checks can be made out to: Miami Valley Woodcarvers

Send Forms to: Teresa Balsbaugh P.O. Box 67 Middletown, Ohio 45042