Annual Show

Miami Valley Woodcarvers Assn. Annual Show 2019

March 2nd and 3rd

Sat. March 2nd, 10am-5pm     Sun. March 3rd,  12:30 pm-5pm

Meet  New Friends!  *Learn from top Instructors

*See and Buy from some of the Top Woodcarvers in the country

  • Free Carving Demonstrations
  • Demonstrations for non-carvers
  • Hourly Door Prizes
  • Soap Carving for Youth and Scouts
  • Wood Vendors, Carving tool Vendors

 At Christ United Methodist Church

700 Marshall Rd., Middletown, Ohio 45044

 Admission Cost $6.00 Each Person 

Scouts in Uniform, Free with Adult. Children Under 12, Free.


For Those interested in being in the 2019 Show

Annual Show Information

1. Space will have one 8′ table and two chairs

2. Table must be covered to floor front and sides. NO Bed Sheets, tarps, plastic, or paper covers.

3. Exhibitors furnish own lights and extension cords.  All cords must be held down to floor      with graphers tape. NO Duct Tape

4. No more than 2 exhibitors to a table or space. 

5. Items for sale must be mostly carved but may also have other techniques with the carving. All items displayed must be the work of the exhibitor. Exception: Commercial displays

7.No setups after 9:30AM Saturday March 3rd and No tear down before 5PM Sunday 4th

8. No Alcoholic beverages, smoking or pets at any time.

9. Carving is encouraged during the show. all wood chips must be kept behind the tables.  Because floor is carpeted, please put something down to catch the chips.

10. Ribbons from other shows prior to MVWA shows will not be displayed.

11. The Banquet is catered by those of  Christ United Methodist Church.

The Food is always amazing and served with smiles and care.

We have dinner directly after the show closes at 5:PM  (Security IS supplied During Dinner)

2019 Application




                         No. of Display/ Sale Table @ $30.00 ____________________  Total $_______________________

                         No. of Commercial Tables ! $50.00 ______________________Total $ ______________________

                         BANQUET RESERVATIONS @ $16.00 per person _______Total $ ______________________

                                                                 * Amount enclosed    ——-              * Total $ ____________________

                         Do you need electricity?   YES___________/ NO____________

                         Type of Carvings ___________________________________________________________________

        Exibitor agrees to hold harmless Christ United Methodist Church and Miami Valley woodcarvers Assn.

from and against any and all claims for personal injuries, death, damages, loses and cost and any other expenses

in anyway connected with the use of Christ United Methodist Church. 

Thank you for your help with donations for the show last year! We are very thankful to those w\who have always given generously.

 We are asking again this year as a requirement for attending this years banquet that you would again provide a donation.

 I hope the time of fellowship and sharing will still compel you to particiipate in this time honored tradition through our show.


Print Names for name tags:

First competition piece entry $3.00 Additional entries $3.00 –3 entries per Category

Send Form to ;

Teresa Balsbaugh

P.O. Box 67

Middletown, Ohio  45042

The Exhibit Hall will be under security  at night and during banquet Sat. until 7:am Sunday morning.

Exhibitors will be responsible for their displays during show hours.

Christ United Methodist Church  and Miami Valley Woodcarvers will not be held responsible or accountable for accident, damage or other losses incurred