Competition For 2023

Human Ralistic

Pete Alderuaci- First Place, Bruce Henn -Second Place, Teresa Balsbaugh- Third Place

Animal Realistic

Glenn Stewart-First Place, Glenn Stewart-Second Place, Teresa Balsbaugh- Third Place

Birds Realistic

Jim Brace- First Place, Gary Denzler- Second Place, Teresa Balsbaugh

Aquatic Realistic

GlennStewart- First Place

Chip Carving

Jim Calvert- First Place, Jim Calvert-Second Place, Rick Bissonnette- Third Place


Barry Pennington- First Place, Don Worley- Second Place, Dick Belcher- Third Place


Teresa Balsbaugh-First Place, Teresa Balbaugh- Second Place, Glenn Stewart- Third Place

Relief Carving

Harry Limings,Jr. -First Place, Glenn Stewart-Second Place, Rick Bissonette-Third Place

Whittling /Miniatures

Glenn Stewart-First Place, Glenn Stewart-Second Place, Harry Limings,Jr. – Third Place


Steve Burelison-First Place, Glenn Stewart-Second Place, Teresa Balsbaugh-Third Place


Steve Burelison-First Place, Dick Belcher-Second place, Dick Belcher-Third place


Steve Burelison-First Place, Steve Burelison-Second Place, John Stephenson-Third Place


Danielle White- Second Place

Wood Burning

Julia Van Dyke- First Place, Julia Van Dyke-Second Place, John Marlow-Third Place

Instructor Assisted

Barry Pennington-First Place, Rick Bissonnette-Second Place, Teresa Balsbaugh-Third Place


John Marlow-First Place, Dan Balsbugh-Second Place, Teresa Balsbaugh-Third Place

Canes/Walking Sticks

Ralph Cooper-First Place, Ralph Cooper-Second Place, Norb Hartmann-Third Place

Best of Show

Steve Burelison-First Best of Show, Steve Burelison-Second Best of Show, Harry Limings, Jr.-Third Best of Show

Best Table-Norb and Mary Ellen Hartmann