Monthly Meetings Schedule

Meeting Night and Project For The Year 2024

7:PM 114 Broad St. Middletown (St. Paul’s Church of Christ)

May 9th Small Mouth Bass 5 inches long 1 inch tall

June 13th TBA

July 11 TBA

August 8th TBA

Sept. 12th TBA

Oct. 10th TBA

Nov. 14th TBA

Dec. 12th Christmas Dinner



April 25th- Carved Knife Covers from April 11th project / Show Meeting

May 23rd-Painting Bass Fish / Show meeeting

June 27th Show Meeting

July 25th Show Meeting

August 22nd Show Meeting

September 26th Show Meeting

October 24th Show Meeting

November 28th NO MEETING Happy Thanksgiving

December 26th NO MEETING Merry Christmas

Winners of the 2023 Competition

Human Realistic

First placer Pete Alderuai

Second Place Bruce Henn

Third Place Teresa Balsbaugh

Animal Realistic

First Place- Glenn Stewart

Second Place- Glenn Stewart

Third Place- Teresa Balsbaugh

Bird Realistic

First Place -Jim Brace

Second Place- Gary Denzler

Third Place – Teresa Balsbaugh

Aquatic Realistic

First Place- Glenn Stewart

Chip Carving

First Place- Jim Calvert

Second Place- Jim Calvery

Third Place- Rick Bisonnette


First Place- River Valley Club-Pennington

Second Place-Don Worley

Third Place- Dick Belcher

Relief Carving

First Place – Harry Limings Jr.

Second Place- Glenn Stewart

Third Place- Rick Bissonnette

Whittling/ Minitures

First Place- Glenn Stewart

Second Place- Glenn Stewart

Third Place- Harry Limings Jr.


First Place- Steve Burelison

Second Place-Glenn Stewart

Third Place- Teresa Balsbaugh

Stylized/ Abstract

First Place- Steve Burelison

Second Place-Dick Belcher

Third Place-Dick Belcher


First place- Steve Burelison

Second Place-Steve Burelison

Third Place- John Stephenson


Second Place- Danielle White

Wood Buring

First place- Julia Van Dyke

Second Place- John Marlow

Third Place- John Marlow

Instructor- Assisted Carvings

First Place- Barry Pennington

Second Place- Rick Bissonnette

Third Place- Teresa Baslbaugh


First Place-John Marlow

Second Place-Dan Balsbaugh

Third Place- Teresa Balsbaugh

Canes/Walking sticks

First Place-Ralph Cooper

Second Place- Ralph Cooper

Third Place- Norb Hartmann

Best of Show

First Place-Steve Burelison

Second Place- Steve Burelison

Third Place-Harry Limings Jr.

Best Table

Norb and Mary Ellen Hartmann



Pictures found in “Pages”

  • A .Human Realistic
  • 1. Farley Baker
  • 2. Don Worley
  • 3. Robert Ommert
  • B. Animal Realistic
  • Norm Clifford
  • Dick Belcher
  • Farley Baker
  • C. Bird Realistic
  • 1. Jim Brace
  • 2. Bill Wright
  • 3. Bill Wright
  • D. Aquatic Realistic
  • 1. Harry Limings, Jr.
  • 2. Glenn Stewart
  • 3. Norm Clifford
  • E. Chip Carving
  • 1. Kevin Bissonnette
  • 2. Rick Bissonnette
  • 3. Kevin Bissonnette
  • F. Caricatures
  • 1. Barry Pennington
  • 2.Barry Pennington
  • 3. Don Worley
  • G. Mythical, Santa
  • 1. Bruce Henn
  • 2. Barry Pennington
  • 3.Rick Eskins
  • H. Relief Carving
  • 1. Harry Limings, Jr.
  • 2. Harry Limings, Jr.
  • 3. Del Proudfoot
  • I. Whittling/ Miniatures
  • 1. Glenn Stewart
  • 2. Mulie Sheets
  • 3. Rich Richmond
  • J. Ornamental
  • 1. Mike Allen
  • 2. Glenn Stewart
  • 3. Norb Hartmann
  • K. Stylized / Abstract
  • 1. Glenn Stewart
  • 2. Mary Ellen Hartmann
  • 3. Dick Belcher
  • L. Open
  • 1. Mike Allen
  • 2. Mike Allen
  • 3. Dick Belcher
  • N. Wood Burning
  • 1. Del Proudfoot
  • 2. Del Proudfoot
  • 3. Katrina Eskins

  • O. Instructor-Assisted
  • 1. Rick Bissonnette
  • 2. Rick Eskins
  • 3. Rick Eskins
  • P. Religious
  • 1. Mulie Sheets
  • 2. Mulie Sheets
  • 3. Dick Belcher
  • Q. Canes/Walking Sticks
  • 1. Mulie Sheets
  • 2. Norb Hartmann
  • 3. Dick Belcher
  • Best of Show
  • 1. Jim Brace
  • 2. Harry Limings, Jr.
  • 3. Mike Allen

  • Bill Anthony Award-Jim Brace
  • Hershel Borders Cane Award- Norb Hartmann
  • Best Table- Buell Burns

Barn-n-Bunk pre-show Seminar Sept 18,19,20

Instructors Craig Corben and Asst. Instructor Miss Hammond

Cotton Wood Bark House in the Round

Miami Valley Woodcarvers join Barn-N-Bunk for a Woodcarvers Weekend

All invited ! Fun Weekend! Sept. 21-22nd

3677 Wayne Madison Rd.

Trenton, Ohio 45067

Pumpkin Carving Contests, Woodcarving Demos, Chainsaw Carvers, Carvings for Show and Sale

Contact Teresa Balsbaugh by Email or phone to sign up for seminar

Applications for Barn-N- Bunk Show are on this site. $25. a table

Email -dtbalsbaugh@gmail.com