Monthly Meetings Schedule

Meeting Night and Project

7:PM 114 Broad St. Middletown (St. Paul’s Church of Christ)

March 9 Carving a Hershal Boarders Long ear Rabbit Project led by Dan Balsbaugh

April 13 Carving A Cowboy Boot

May 11 TBA

June 8 Gnome Led by Doug Claucherty

July 13. TBA

August 10 TBA

Sept. 14 TBA

Oct. 12 TBA

Nov. 9 TBA

Dec. 14 Christmas Dinner at 6:00PM

Open Carving Night 7:PM

March 23 Continue Carving Long eared Rabbit/

Anyone Interested…Show Meeting march 23 -7:pm

April 27

May. 25

June 22

July 27

Aug. 24

Sept. 28

Oct. 26

Nov. 23 Thanksgiving NO Carving

Dec. 28 Merry Christmas

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